The Appeal of Colorado State University Health Center.

The Colorado State University (CSU) Health and Medical Center, located at the eastern side of the campus, is a source of quality medical care in Fort Collins. The center is the home of the CSU Health Network, a system of medical and mental health care that over 50 percent of CSU students take advantage of each school year. Opened in the summer of 2017, the Center houses the services of many health care practitioners to address the wellness concerns of CSU students. The medical associates who work out of the Center also offer a variety of medical services to the Fort Collins community at large.

Full-time students who attend CSU pay an access fee as part of their student fees to make use of the Health Network. This fee plus their personal health insurance, as required by the university, allows them to make use of all of the services available through the Network, regardless of their insurance provider.Primary care services are available to students, including diagnostics, vaccines, and treatment of illness. The medical associates also offer services in reproductive health and STD screenings, vaccinations, sports medicine, and acupuncture. They provide services in substance abuse prevention and recovery, as well as tobacco cessation programs.

The CSU Health Network extends mental health services, which can be critical to navigating the stresses of college life. Counseling services, including a peer-to-peer counseling program, are part of the options available to CSU students. Spiritual care, individually or in group sessions, are another part of the mental health initiative.The CSU Health and Medical Center also is home CSU health center to a plethora of health and wellness services for the entire community. The CSU pharmacy is open to students and community members alike, as well as the urgent care walk-in clinic housed within the Center.

The Center also holds one of Associates in Family Medicine’s health clinics. AFM offers comprehensive primary care for all members of the family, from newborns to seniors. This family practice offers a wide range of medical services, including pediatrics and adult primary care, as well as gynecology and obstetrics.

The medical associates of the practice start with the perspective of preventative care, aiming to keep their patients in good health before any health issues arise. However, they are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of health conditions, and their services include help in managing chronic diseases such as diabetes. AFM offers a selection of health education courses, aimed at empowering their patients to take charge of their own wellness.

Associates in Family Medicine also operates the urgent care clinic in the Center, able to provide hospital-quality services for pressing, but not life-threatening, traumas and illnesses.Additionally, the CSU Health and Medical Center offers services in sports medicine, infusion therapy, nutritional counseling, and healthy aging. The medical associates of the CSU Health and Medical Center meet the highest quality standards in healthcare. Their services make them a reliable addition to health care in Colorado.